How to change name in pubg mobile

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PubG Mobile It is a very famous shooter throughout the community of lovers of different games for mobile devices, it has a huge variety of game modes and a great graphic quality that distinguishes it from other shooting games.

When you start your adventure on this well-known platform created by Tencent Games, it will let you put whatever name you want to wear during your gaming experience. However, this does not mean that then you will not be able to make different modifications to the names in the PubG Mobile, in the article we are going to explain how you will be able to change the name in the game in its different options. 

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How to change name in pubg mobile

How to change name in pubg mobile

If your account was created through a link to a social network that leaves the game, such as Facebook or Twitter, your social network name may appear as your in-game username, so if you don't feel comfortable with it you will be able to change your username by means of an ID card. You will be able to achieve this by investing real money to acquire UC coins and exchange them, or simply locate them as you level up in the game. 

Among the other alternatives that a name change leaves us in the game is when we have a clan created, we will be able to acquire a clan name change card that will appear in our inventory, so that our clan has a fearsome name and identifiable in each and every one of the PubG Mobile competitive championships. 

If you are a fan of any series, anime, or a specific program, you will also be able to change the name of your character according to that genre of preferences, PubG Mobile is a game that has the peculiarity of letting its users choose the name they want.

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