How to change name in Apex Legends 

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Normally in any Battle Royale game, when creating our account we can register with the name of our choice, as long as it does not coincide with the name of another user in the area. However, very often we choose the name very quickly without thinking well that this can be our Nick for the entire adventure that we will go through in the Apex Legends. If you feel sorry for the name you have chosen in this well-known shooter, there are different ways to change the name in Apex Legends according to the platform where you develop your gaming experience, in this article we are going to explain in detail how you can do it . 

How to change name in Apex Legends 

How to change name in Apex Legends 

Changing your name in any game is always accurate, as there are many users in the community who don't like having the exact same name for Apex that they have in other games. If you play on PC, you may use the Apex Legends from two game platforms, Origin or Steam. If you play with Origin, open the platform without problem and choose your current username. In such a case you can place it at the bottom of the screen where your profile picture will appear. You go to the "view my profile" option and change your name in "Edit on", this will direct you to the EA page, make the change and verify with your email, with this you will also be able to change your ID and confirm your new username. 

In the event that you play on PS4 or PS5, you must make the respective settings from your Sony account, edit your nickname and write your new ID for the Apex Legends, when confirming the changes you restart the console and enter the game, with this the Apex will ask you to return to start session and you will have already altered the identity of your account. 

You can apply exactly the same procedure with Xbox One in Apex Legends, but in such a case you will make the change in your Gamertag from the main settings of your console. 

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