How to change Dialogs in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a very famous game for being one of the first shooters released for mobile devices, this magnificent game has great graphic quality and interactions that have been improved during different updates that the game has undergone. It is essential for the gaming community of PubG Mobile have multiple dialogues that can be used on the battlefield to take advantage of each of your opponents.

Communication is a key factor in shooting and strategy games and in the article we are going to explain how to change the dialogues in PubG Mobile so that you can communicate with your allies in an original way. 

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How to Change Dialogs in PubG Mobile

How to Change Dialogs in PubG Mobile

If you belong to a clan or guild, the leaders will be able to create dialogues that will be used in championships and on the battlefield, a way to combine keywords that can amaze opponents, it is essential to be creative, study what we can put in the dialogues and share it with each of the clan members. It can be noted that PubG Mobile It has the peculiarity of assigning default dialogs that will appear as an alternative in the quick chat as structured messages, but in the main settings of the quick chat we will be able to edit our default messages and put the dialog of our preference at the time of playing together. 

In games like PubG Mobile you can also use coordinates to communicate, essentially like the authorities do in real life, each one has their code and dialogues to communicate without the other people being able to realize what they are interpreting. War codes are also valid on the battlefield and you can also create your own and add them to the game. If necessary, you can be guided by certain dialogs that appear in different places.

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