How to change Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

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Rise Of kingdoms is a strategy game consisting of the creation of your civilization to dominate a kingdom, in such a way that you can own more land, and lead large combat battalions, the players with the most conquered land are considered the best in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Civilizations are essentially the foundation of this game, it is possible that at some point you have started with a civilization that simply does not suit you, since you do not like its objectives and the style of play that you are incorporating. In the article, we are going to explain in detail how to change civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

How to change Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

How to change Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

You can get a token that will let you make the change of civilization for free, it is the option that most players use and you can get it as you progress in the game when you increase the level of your municipality, in general this token appears as a level one gift. Another of the methods that you can use is changing the gems for a civilization change token, for this you will have to invest real money in the game, since the gems are the exclusive currency that leaves the players of Rise Of Kingdoms move faster than others. 

We can also achieve gems in our adventure in the game, but sadly in few quantities, in order to achieve an exchange token we must pay ten gems, which we can acquire on official pages of Rise Of Kingdoms at different costs. 

You must bear in mind that changing civilization is like making a complete change to your account in any of the cases. By changing, for example, from German civilization to Spain, we are going to lose each and every one of the resources that we have generated through German civilization, take all this into account Rise Of Kingdoms before making any radical changes. 

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