How to change account in Apex Legends Steam 

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When you play from the Steam platform, you may very well need to link your Steam account to any game you want to use on this PC gaming tool. Apex Legends is not the caveat. It is a shooter that is free on the Steam store, which consists of a completely free Battle Royale that has characters classified as legends of Apex history, who have powerful abilities that can be used on the battlefield to take you to the path of victory.

For, play Apex Legends from Steam They will require a lot of practice, technique and, above all, strategy to be the last survivor on the island. The game on PC can be downloaded from Steam or Origin, but in such a case, we are going to explain how to change accounts in Apex Legends playing from Steam, which has been a huge question for each and every one of the lovers who continue this game for video consoles from said virtual platform.

How to change account in Apex Legends Steam 

How to change account in Apex Legends Steam 

To change an account when we use Steam, we must hold the game chosen Apex Legends, go to the option called "manage my account", followed by transferring accounts, this will give you access to fill in a series of data and each and every one of the precise options for your preferences in the game. From this, EA will contact you as soon as possible and you will be able to make the change of account. 

This procedure is essential for those players of Apex Legends who previously enjoyed the game from the Origin platform and decided to switch to the Steam store. Many users for ignoring the procedure have abandoned their active account for the mere fact of optimizing their gaming experience on PC with a much better platform than the one they previously used. Join Apex Legends from PC and change accounts as many times as you want by following each and every one of the steps that we invite you to.

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