How to Buy Clothes in Toca Life World

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One of the favorite things for the players of Toca life world” is to dress your avatars to your liking with your imagination. Therefore, we always and in all circumstances want them to look their best. There is a way to get it and that is by purchasing the content in the game. Here we are going to explain how you can acquire clothes for your avatars and be able to have a distinguished character among the rest of the users of this magnificent game. Ready? Let's give it!

In "Toca life world” There are many places where you can buy clothes among these are: the mall, an incredible variety of modern styles, bags, and really nice outfits for our avatars. The building next to rob-oHere we have bathing suits, pajamas, dancer clothes, art clothes, among others. If any outfit caught your attention and you want to buy it, just choose the clothes you want, add them to your cart, bag or outfit them with your avatar and that's it.

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How to Buy Clothes at Toca Life World

How to Buy Clothes in Toca Life World for free

Don't worry, stop worrying if you don't have money in “Toca life world” There are many places where you can get clothes completely free of charge and these are: 

  • The building where the game starts in which we find different sets of both male and female clothing.
  • TheaterHere we have masks, glasses, costumes and much more.
  • Garage, where a cat is reflected in each and every door and the plurality of this ranges from house clothes to Halloween costumes to masks.

The clothing store of Jaleo city entering in this verity the plurality of clothes between dresses, chambéeles, visors, hats among others, we will also find a dressing room that marches dragging the clothes that we want to try on him. We can hang them or just put them on the seat, inside we choose how we want to try on.

In the construction of gifts, here we see Christmas clothes, for those who work in the post office, certain dresses, all ready to take home what are you waiting for to visit all these places it's time to dress your avatar of Toca life world and be the center of attention with your friends.

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