How to Block Someone on Coin Master

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Those players who have countless rolls and items to make attacks continuously tend to be a bit annoying. So you must learn how to block someone in Coin Master and keep your village safe. Blocking someone in Coin Master may be an action that lets you play at ease, without being a simple target for certain players.

There are many reasons why you have to know how to block someone on Coin Master, normally it is to avoid that they make your life impossible. Which does not let you improve in the game.

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How to Block Someone on Coin Master

How to Block Someone on Coin Master

Coin Master players usually connect to the game via Facebook. So to block someone, all you have to do is delete, block or report this person from your Facebook account.

How to block someone on Coin Master: steps

  1. Open Coin Master and view your contact list
  2. Identify the player you want to eliminate
  3. Open your Facebook account and delete it from this social network. The update may take about two hours

If you then want to play with that person in Coin Master again, you just have to send the friend request again.

Some players have been identified by users as Bots created by the exact same platform. Their function is to attack you or let you attack them randomly. Do you think that one of these Bots are the ones that do not let you advance in Coin Master? Check that they are not your friends on Fb. Or if you want, you can report it to the developers.

In Coin Master, unlike other games, it is not possible to report players for offensive comments or use of hacks and alternative applications. It is for this reason that to block someone on Coin Master the only option is to delete this person from your Facebook. Until the time the developers find another procedure to block someone from Coin Master.

Eliminate from Coin Master those players that affect your progress, continuously attacking your village. When you want to return to having them in play, you send a new friend request and that's it. 

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