How To Be The Best PubG Mobile Player

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If you are trying to be the best player of PUBG Mobile, then we can assist you. In the article we are going to explain the bases, the processes and the tasks that you must fulfill in order for you to become an absolute legendary story of PubG Mobile

We will focus on two main factors that will allow you to structure your game system so that you are the best of all in the best mobile Battle Royale of XNUMX. It's about the things you can improve on your interface first, and then the things you can improve in practice.

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How To Be The Best PubG Mobile Player

How To Be The Best PubG Mobile Player

Among the things you can improve on your interface is responsiveness. Change this value from the settings menu to get one that suits your needs, from the speed of the camera when looking to how fast you turn when aiming.

Then you have to change the rotation to activate it. This type of configuration will allow you to suppress the recoil of weapons when shooting by turning your mobile. This means that your camera will not move when you are in the middle of a firefight. Then activate aim assist. In this way, after shooting for the first time, your player will automatically aim at the closest opponent. Remember that this does not work if it is more than 100m away from you. 

You can also progress the vision genre you have between third and first person from the game settings. Do not forget that this is how it will look for each and every one of the players. We invite you to configure in third person. This way you will have a wider field of view, and you will be able to see behind your cover.

Now we are going to talk to you about the practice and the things you need to thrive to be the best PUBG Mobile player. Primarily it's about your combat skills. Remember that when you are in an open space and there is no way to take cover, you can choose to throw yourself on the ground to avoid being damaged and confuse the opponent.

We advise you to practice in the rest of the modes offered PUBG Mobile, in which the combats are more usual. After this, you will finish first in most of the Battle Royale.

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