How to Be More Diligent in PubG Mobile

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Online games are known for always having a way to exploit mechanics, whether it's becoming blazingly fast or immortal. In any case, we are going to show you today how to be more diligent in PubG Mobile. The first thing we will state is that in the game there is no way to get super fast with codes or scripts. However, we are going to show you each and every one of the ways to get faster in PUBG Mobile. 

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How to Be More Diligent in PubG Mobile

How to Be More Diligent in PubG Mobile

There are three mechanics that can be optimized. They are running, driving and recharging. So now we are going to show you how to do it. Running is the primary tool to move through the game. In fact, four cars are moved per game, on average, to then use it for one minute. In this way, walking and running are the primary ways in which one moves around the map.

This mechanic can be speeded up by drinking energy drinks, painkillers or adrenaline syringes. Above the health bar is the energy bar, which determines how fast you run. If you look at the divisions, they represent the levels you can move through, and the more you have, the more diligent you're going to be.

To fill the bar you must drink three energy drinks, or a syringe of adrenaline or two painkillers. Taking one or the other has no influence on the final result on your speed. In addition to this, they assist you to gradually heal yourself. You can also climb hills with considerably more agility by jumping. Push yourself forward to get a head start on the rest in this race.

Lastly, the only way to speed up a vehicle is by using the turbo, whose button is on the screen. This function will use more gasoline of the vehicle, but in the end you will be able to move considerably faster.

Apply all these tips and you will be the most diligent of your team. Remember to leave absolutely no one behind and make sure your teammates keep up with you. 

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