How to Be Good in Apex Legends

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Are you a beginner who has no idea what to do? Do you want to learn how to be good at Apex Legends? In this guide we are going to show you the first steps you must take to progress your gameplay in the Battle Royale of the moment.

Let's start with the most essential, the internet connection. If you want to be good at this game, you will need an Internet of at least one megabyte, to preview everything that happens practically live and without any kind of delay. If this is not the case, try to optimize your connection by closing everything that can consume resources in the background.

Now try changing the sensitivity. This applies both for PC to Consoles. In both it is necessary to know an aiming sensitivity that leaves you a comfortable game. However, you must take care to learn to play with high values, which allow you to flip quickly. 

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How to Be Good in Apex Legends

How to be a good player in Apex Legends

If you want to be good at Apex Legends, you also need to learn which weapons are best and which attachments to equip them with. This will give you a broader overview of the game, allowing you to know the weapons that are convenient for you. In addition to this, you can locate a key mapping that suits you. This will leave you a comfortable and flawless game, fully adapted to you. Remember that this takes a bit of experience, so leave it on default if you don't have enough hours of play. Focus on learning game strategies It is always good to know certain action protocols, in case you find yourself under fire. An example of this is the strategy that we are going to show now.

In the event that you are in a fight where you and your opponent are behind cover, you can use cover fire, which consists of shooting at the opponent's location while your allies move. Finally, remember always and at all times to be in high places. This is highly recommended in any and all Battle Royal type games. It would be said that the one who has height, already has a fifty percent chance of winning.

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