How to Be Good at PubG Mobile

how to be good at PubG Mobile is one of the questions to answer when starting out in this hugely competitive Battle Royale. In the article we are going to give you certain tips that can help you to be a better player.

First, improve your aim. Access the controls section from the configuration section to calibrate the aim. Increase or decrease the sensitivity with each gender of scope until you achieve a value that suits you and your gameplay. Activate aim assist to improve the accuracy of your shots. This will allow the aim to move towards the nearest opponent when shooting, causing shots to be directed towards them.

Now, you can enable control of your phone's rotation from the basics menu in the settings section. This will cause you to control the recoil of the weapons by facing the phone forward, although this can be controlled manually. 

You can also choose in what kind of vision you are going to perceive the planet, between first and third. This will make you get used to always and in all circumstances exactly the same, making your game a little more fluid. Change this setting from the game customization menu. 

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How to Be Good at PubG Mobile

How to Be Good at PubG Mobile

Now that you have all the settings ready, let's get down to business. First, try to get out of Battle Royale a bit, where one-on-one battles are rare, and participate in the rest of the game modes. 

If you are new, this will allow your aim and knowledge of the game to increase, making your Battle Royale battles considerably more moving and active. You can also take advantage of the surprise factor. The moment you face someone and there is no cover, press the lie down button to distract the opponent, who generally attacks the central area of ​​​​the body, causing him to miss.

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