How to Be Better at PubG Mobile

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Losing each and every game is not a sign of being bad, but rather that you are not applying the strategies and using the appropriate controls. In this sense, we are going to show you how to be better at PubG Mobile, through an easy procedure that you can apply regardless of your experience or level.

You must understand many things first, and there are certain configurations in the game that, although they were created to give players more comfort, can represent an advantage in certain courses.

One of them is rotation, which means that you can monitor the movement and recoil in the camera just by turning your phone. You can also take advantage of the assisted sight to automatically shoot at nearby opponents.

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How to Get Better at PubG Mobile

How to Get Better at PubG Mobile

Now it's time to practice on the game. First, try to play matches in games like the team duel that PUBG Mobile brings. Here the face-to-face confrontations are more recurrent, so you can practice your reaction speed.

It's time to chat about strategies. Stay always and in all circumstances in elevator places, because whoever has the hill always and at all times is going to be the champion. Being always and in all circumstances above the level of the rest of the players makes you have a better view of the panorama, making you prevent attacks. In addition to this, it gives you the possibility to transform into a sniper and achieve eliminations without much danger.

Empty the houses and close the doors you open. This will make sure that no material escapes you, examining each of the rooms in the home. In addition to this, other players will not be able to notice a player in the house since each and every one of the doors is closed by default.

For now it is each and every one of the tips that we can give you. To summarize, explore the settings bar and customize yours to make you feel comfortable, always stay above the level of other players and look for the best equipment in the houses.

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