How to be a VIP in Coin Master

Gossip claims that being a VIP in Coin Master is a privilege few players get to enjoy. Despite being just gossip, many players think that being part of a distinguished set of Coin Masters will pay off. Certain of these benefits are more frequent free spins, many coins, potions and food for pets to level up, strange cards, among many others. More Do you know how to be VIP in Coin Master?

If you get to be a VIP in Coin Master, you could also get access to VIP sets on social networks and even a permanent identification. So many things are claimed that it is quite difficult to say with certainty whether or not VIP accounts exist on Coin Master.

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How to be a VIP in Coin Master

How to be a VIP in Coin Master

If you want to know how to be a VIP in Coin Master, you must continue the steps that you are going to see now. This is information is based on what other users have suggested:

  • You must spend a lot of your own money and coins in the game, buying chests, spins, and even special offers
  • You must be a regular Coin Master player. This is not so much about the level you are at, but more about the time you spend on the application
  • It is suggested to pay a membership, which can be worth from US dollars 100 to US dollars 5.000. this depends on the country you are in

After completing these steps, the process to become a VIP in Coin Master is quite easy.

If you are chosen, you will be contacted by a unique consultant of the application, whom you must add to your Facebook contacts to get more information. After perceiving this invitation, the consultant will explain the advantages to you and you will be connected in a VIP group, which is where the chosen players are. In this set reward codes are shared and in addition to this you will keep abreast of events.

The consultant you have on Facebook will help you with any inconvenience that may arise in the game. And on your profile you will be able to see a gold badge that will identify you as a Coin Master VIP user.

There is no official information from Coin Master developers about this membership yet. This is just feedback from certain players. It only remains to follow these instructions and wait to receive the invitation to be part of a distinguished VIP group in Coin Master.

If you are contacted to be a VIP in Coin Master, you can tell us to share your experience.

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