How to aim better in Apex Legends Ps4

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Aiming better in any shooting game on consoles like ps4 or ps5 is not an easy task, especially when you are a beginner player who has not previously played any shooter in this platform genre. Essentially the Apex Legends It has configurations similar to other Battle Royale games established on consoles, so in the article we are going to explain how you can better aim in Apex Legends playing from a PS4.

Somehow, you have to spend a lot of time in the game to be able to acquire skills when you play a shooter from a controller, since the mechanics are a bit more complex than playing from a PC. It is considerably easier to monitor aiming from a mouse and keyboard than from a joystick, so you should take into account each and every one of the tips that we invite you to.

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How to aim better in Apex Legends Ps4

How to aim better in Apex Legends Ps4

The first and most essential to progress the aim is practice, we all start very new at the time of trying any game on the different platforms, practice always and at all times makes the teacher and in the Apex Legends That's not the caveat, you can achieve great skills and get used to the game by spending many hours on it. Stay often in the practice arena or shooting range, where you'll be able to progress your skills and bring your best to real matches after playing against bots for a while. 

In addition, you should select the sensitivity setting that is most comfortable for you, this will make it easier for you to adjust to the speed at which you want to move your aim. Many content authors have made an effort to find an "ideal" sensitivity for each and every one of the players, the truth is that this is impossible, since each person feels comfortable playing in a different and original way. Practice a lot, and choose the sensitivity according to the weapons you will use in that game, it will be a key point to learn to aim in different game situations.

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