How to Add Friends in Coin Master

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Learn how to add friends in Coin Master and enjoy the rewards you earn for each added friend. Of course, your new friend must complete each and every step in order for you to receive your free spins and incredible rewards.

The function of inviting friends in Coin Master, has a new menu, with a progress bar where points are piled up. These points are for each new player who uses your invitation to join Coin Master, and completes the normative steps.

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How to Add Friends in Coin Master

How to Add Friends in Coin Master

Finding friends in Coin Master means more earnings for you. But for this it is necessary that your friend connects the game to Fb and completes the precise steps. The first thing you are going to receive is going to be free spins.

You can search for new friends for Coin Master on different platforms, and perform certain actions.

Visit Coin Master social networks

Usually Coin Master social media followers are the most active players. So it is a good option to meet quite a few people and invite them to be a part of your friends list.

Participate in exchange of letters

This event is a good way to meet more players.

Join Facebook Outfits

In addition to the official Coin Master set, there are many other sets where you will find people playing Coin Master.

Send your link to those who are not yet in the game

You can send your adapted link through Messenger, SMS or WhatsApp so that they can download the game through it.

Watch influencers on Twitch

Due to the popularity of the game, you can find professional players who are showing their Coin Master game in real time. This content is seen by thousands and millions of people, and for the most part Coin Master players. Many of these players can be part of your friends list.

How to Add Friends in Coin Master: Steps

Follow the instructions below and add new friends to Coin Master:

  • Look for the Friends icon on the main screen of Coin Master, in the lower right corner. Click on the little tab that says Friends.
  • Click the Invite Friends button at the bottom of the screen. Clever! You have already added new friends to Coin Master.

Important considerations

  • To receive gifts and points on the progress bar, your friend must be new to Coin Master, that is, they must not have ever downloaded this game on their mobile device
  • If two or more players invite the same person, only one of the invitees will be the winner of the free spins. So make sure your guest uses your link to join the game.

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