How to Add Friends in Apex Legends Ps4 to PC

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The Respawn Entertainment company continues to make many innovations for its game Apex Legends, the one that bears a lot of fruit on console and PC. This incredible Battle Royale is also intended to enter a beta version for mobile devices in mid-April. Today with each and every one of the platforms that are being used to play this magnificent shooter, users of the community are wondering, can I count on my ps4 friends to play with them from my pc? In this article, we have an answer for this. 

How to Add Friends in Apex Legends Ps4 to PC

How to Add Friends in Apex Legends Ps4 to PC

According to an investigation carried out by the Respawn company, users will be able to play a beta version where each and every one of the platforms will be able to join in a cross procedure, that is, Xbox One, Ps4 and PC players will have a site to be able to play in groups and achieve with players from different gaming platforms in the perfect individual mode. There is still no successful alternative to be able to add friends in Apex Legends From ps4 to pc, Respawn Entertainment expects to make all these changes and news in mid-October, where the Mobile version will already be somewhat more stable and will be able to join the competitive battle with console and PC players.

Crossplay had not been incorporated beforehand because exactly the same users in the community started with the controversy that a pc player would have a greater advantage than a ps4 or Xbox player and vice versa, so the company is doing a lot of work so that the playing conditions can be equalized. 

For now, what we have left is to wait for more news from the Respawn company to be able to play with friends who enjoy Apex Legends from a different gaming platform than ours. While this is happening, try to progress your level of play and practice continuously so that the moment crossplay is activated, you can beat each of your friends in the game. 

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