How to Activate Thor's Wheel in Coin Master

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Thor's wheel is a splendid event that contains fantastic rewards, and super prizes that I guarantee you want to win. To roll the wheel for these rewards, you need to use tokens from Thor's wheel. It is not worth either spins or traditional coins. Learn how to activate Thor's wheel in Coin Master and have the chance to win amazing prizes.

When you spin Thor's wheel, you're bound to wonder where will it stop? Since this only Thor knows. You can get each reward only once, then Thor will block it and it will appear gray to you.

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How to Activate Thor's Wheel in Coin Master

How to Activate Thor's Wheel in Coin Master

Thor's wheel features some fantastic prizes, including a wild or Grand Prize that resets the wheel and gives better rewards.

To activate Thor's wheel, you must touch the icon you see on the main screen and you automatically access exactly it. You also have to know that you need Thor's wheel tokens, you can win them in the main events or simply buy them in promotions.

In conclusion, Thor's wheel is activated when an event begins. When exactly the same ends, the icon disappears in the same way as the tokens and the notification of the event. But you don't have to worry, your tokens will still be saved for you to use in the next event of Thor's wheel.

Each new event activates Thor's wheel, and with it the chances of getting splendid rewards and even the huge prize.

How to see Thor's wheel while the event is idle

When the event is inactive, you can see Thor's wheel and even compare your chips. For this you must follow the next steps:

  • Touch the daily bonus wheel icon that appears on the main screen
  • Touch the Thor wheel icon that you will see in the bottom right corner, right on the daily bonus wheel screen. This icon will not have a counter below it while the event is not active.

Tapping the icon will direct you to Thor's chained wheel, and upon triggering the event, Thor will be able to break free of the chains with his incredible strength. This will let you use the wheel once more.

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