How to Activate Reactions in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a strategy game where you must face an opponent and both must protect their towers and destroy the other's with the cards you have in your deck. In order for you to advance in this game, you need to play each and every day for at least a good amount of time in order for us to advance and achieve improvements to more adequately advance to the more demanding levels.

Keep in mind that in each and every game you will be able to face different opponents and even friends. One of the newest things it offers are the reactions in Clash Royale, which allow you to show your opponent some emotion. if you want to know how to activate reactions in Clash Royale Do not stop reading this article that we have arranged for you! Let us begin!

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How to Activate Reactions in Clash Royale

How to activate reactions in clash royale

The clash royale reactions They offer us the possibility of expressing our feelings or emotions in the games, with them we can try without saying a word what we are thinking or feeling. In fact, we can designate our reaction deck, so that we can express ourselves peacefully throughout the battles, since we know which reactions we have.

Based on the above, once you have assembled your reaction deck you can use them in your games, just activating them, due to the fact that there really is no major problem with this, if you have them well equipped. It should be noted that we have the option of designating up to 8 among our favorites. So you just have to choose the ones that seem best to you to show them in your Clash Royale battles.

How do I get reactions in Clash Royale?

Getting reactions is really easy, and these are the ways in which you will be able to do it:

  1. Buy them in the shop.
  2. Completing the trophy path.
  3. Participating in exclusive events and challenges.
  4. By using the Royale Pass.
  5. By registering your account with Supercell ID.
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