How to Acquire Weapon Skins in PubG Mobile

El PubG Mobile It has the peculiarity that we can achieve different camouflages, outfits, or appearances that will increase the power and peculiarities of our weapons. In the article we are going to explain how to acquire weapon skins in PubG Mobile so that your entire arsenal can look better and be stronger.

When we start from scratch in PubG Mobile, the weapons appear with the default colors, usually black and wooden details which are not very attractive. By achieving a weapon skin we can increase the power of the attributes of each of them, among these attributes we will achieve cadence, firing speed and recoil. In order to acquire weapon skins we must have UC coins, which will allow us to acquire different benefits in the game to be able to achieve these weapon suits, UC coins are obtained by investing real money in the game. 

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How to Acquire Weapon Skins in PubG Mobile

Buy weapon skins in PubG Mobile

In addition, if we have silver fragments, we will be able to acquire box coupons, by opening a coupon we can get a weapon skin, box coupons can be achieved in a traditional or Premium way. To get pieces of the coupon we must collect many fragments, and dedicate enough game to it at the same time. Playing constantly is the best way to get exchange coins that will help us acquire different weapons with their respective skins in PubG Mobile. 

To be able to acquire any skin in PubG Mobile you must access the game store, the first thing you must do is go to the right part of the lobby after logging into your account, right where the RP logo is placed, the store will appear there. In the store we will be able to exchange the box coupons or acquire not only aspects for our weapons, but also for cars, suits, and multiple accessories. 

join to PubG Mobile and acquire each and every one of the weapon skins you can to improve your quality of play.

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