How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Mexico 

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Mexico is a country that has a good number of active players in the PubG MobileTo be precise, more than three thousand five hundred people have their accounts linked to the Facebook social network with this renowned game created by Tencent Games, not counting Twitter and Google Play Games. It is one of the most reputable communities in America for its high level of play in competitive championships and the number of influencers of this genre of games that have emerged from this country.

The Mexican community has two ways to acquire fully verified UC coins, apart from the official pages of PubG Mobile and Tencent Games, in this article we are going to talk a little about them and how you can acquire UC in PubG Mobile Mexico, If you are from this country do not hesitate to continue our quality content so that you find out about each and every one of the PubG Mobile news. 

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How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Mexico 

How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Mexico 

We can acquire UC coins in Mexico through two pages fully supported by the company Tencent Games, they are Smile One and CodaShop, the only difference is that through Smile.One you will be able to recharge using US dollars, while CodaShop if it gives you the possibility of being able to acquire UC coins through Mexican pesos.

The two pages are fully reliable and have a completely easy payment process, where they leave you their respective data of the free payment method that you wish to use, then you fill out a form with each and every one of the data of your payment receipt and let your guerrilla ID and that's it, the UC coins will be sent to your account PubG Mobile

Both Smile.One and CodaShop have great prestige and good reception from each and every one of the PubG Mobile players in Mexico, you can make your purchases safely through these reputable sites.

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