How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Colombia

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The community of players in the country Colombia is one of those with the fewest number of members in the world, without exceeding two thousand players in particular, in Colombia most of the lovers of games on mobile devices are dedicated to other games that are in direct competition with PubG Mobile, como el Call Of Duty Mobile o el Free Fire.

However, their small community likes to invest real money in the game and UC Coins are this form of exchange for exclusive cosmetic benefits to achieve this. In the article we are going to talk about how you can acquire UC coins in PubG Mobile from Colombia. 

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How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Colombia

How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile Colombia

UC coins can be purchased with a visa or mastercard from the official store of PubG Mobile or on the site of the independent company Tencent Games, in case you don't have a credit card, there is a page that has gained much prestige in Colombia.

We are going to tell you a bit about, an exchange platform that was created in Colombia specifically to make Unknown Cash exchanges in this area, with it, you will be able to do from the minimum recharge of sixty UC, to the recharge of eighteen thousand UC in Colombian pesos. offers you three forms of payment with which you can make your purchase of these renowned Premium currencies, the Tpaga, Efecty or PSE wallet, they are three very recognized and reliable payment methods throughout Colombia, so you should not worry about suffer any kind of scams.

To be able to buy from you must enter an email of your preference, so that you can officially access the page to be able to acquire the gifts you require, it is a page that has all rights protected for the sale of UC currency, for which is supported by the independent company Tencent Games.

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