How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile

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UC Coins (Unknown Cash) is the exchange currency of the game PubG Mobile in its version for mobile devices. The only way to be able to acquire UC in PubG Mobile is by investing real money in the game. The UC will not give us any kind of advantages at a competitive level, but we will be able to access exclusive benefits and prosper our gaming experience in the PubG Mobile. With them we will be able to achieve skins for weapons, cars, accessories and certain costumes that only appear that season.

In addition, with the UC you will be able to achieve fragments in the game that will allow you to obtain loot boxes or the Royale Pass, a fully Premium pass in PubG Mobile. We can compare the UC with exclusive currencies in a game like Riot Points in LoL or diamonds in Free Fire. Each game has an exclusive currency to achieve aesthetic details that you will be able to wear in a unique way. 

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How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile

How to Acquire UC in PubG Mobile

The minimum UC recharge that we can make is sixty, equivalent to eight euros, so six hundred and sixty UC (enough to purchase the Royale Pass) would be equivalent to eight Euros respectively. The cost can change depending on when the game is found and the different occasions that they appear in the store.

You can buy UC coins in different places, each store will have its offers and you will be able to make transfers in US dollars or euros. Generally you can recharge the UC in the official game store, but for this you need to have a visa or mastercard. On the other hand, unofficial sites help you acquire UC coins by managing the entire process and through your ID, so there will be no problem when checking your account and your payments. To acquire UC coins we invite you to seek highly prestigious sites with good beliefs, avoid falling into third party scams.

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