How to acquire the Pass Royale at no cost

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You know how to get the royale pass for free? If the answer is no, don't worry! Since, soon we will be telling you how you can do it easily and without difficulties. Keep in mind that with our tips you will learn if this is possible in the renowned title. In addition to this, you will discover certain precise details regarding the royale pass.

So if you want to know how to get the royale pass for free Don't go on waiting any longer! Continue reading this article that we have prepared especially for enthusiasts of Clash Royale! Let's go there!

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How to Acquire the Pass Royale Free

How to Acquire the Pass Royale Free

If now you want to have your name in gold and enjoy all the advantages that the pass gives you (more rewards, rays to get the cards you are looking for, unlimited entries to challenges and emote and tower skin that are exclusive), then you need to go through cash register. The cost of this royale pass is 5.49 euros; and you will have to pay it every season (every month more or less). But you can do it for free.


Many Clash Royale vloggers are making raffles on its channels to obtain Pass Royale free of charge Clash Royale. You only have to subscribe to them, activate the bell and be aware of when they upload videos in order to get your royale pass. You can also follow them on social networks (possibly through their networks they post messages and give away the passes). 

PayPal balance

On the Internet it is possible to obtain a balance on Paypal in many ways: by carrying out surveys, through applications, among other alternatives. We invite you to try Google Opinion Rewards, the Google survey app with which you will be able to earn a couple of euros to redeem and thus get your Pass Royale at no cost Clash Royale.

competitive clans

If you have a high account you can access competitive clans and enjoy the advantages they grant; they usually make certain donations of money if you stay at the top of the table or get good results in wars. Search for competitive clans via Twitter or Reddit and get the royale pass for free.

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