How to Acquire Royal Pass PubG Mobile Chile

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The royal pass is the premium pass in the game PubG Mobile, the entire gaming community wants to have it because of the amount of benefits they can get from it. This shooter has become a very famous game, becoming a worldwide trend due to the enormous number of downloads it has had on mobile devices, apart from the acceptance it has had by the entire community that loves shooting games.

Many people wonder how to acquire the royal pass from a specific country, because they have not found a store that can assist them with this administration, in such a case, we are going to explain to Chilean friends how to acquire the premium pass of PubG Mobile in his country.

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How to Buy Royal Pass PubG Mobile Chile

How to Buy Royal Pass PubG Mobile Chile

To acquire royal pass of PubG Mobile in Chile it is necessary to have a visa or mastercard, where we can invest a small amount of money to make the transfer. The royal pass costs six hundred uc, exclusive AG currency of the game, which would be the equivalent of one US dollar, you could make the purchase on the official PubG Mobile page. If you do not have a credit card, you can look for stores that carry out this administration, in the case of the country Chile, you can use a site called Codashop, with which you can make simple, safe recharges, and without any kind of hassle or inconvenience. .

Codashop is a store supported and certified by the authors of PubG Mobile, Tencent Games, for which it has gained great fame and prestige over the last few years, there you will be able to recharge as safely as possible and without delivering the attempt of any kind of scams.

In this way you will get the royale pass in Chile, a country where there is a huge population of players who enjoy the experience of PubG Mobile.

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