How to Acquire Clothes in PubG Mobile

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Our appearance as a guerrilla in any shooting game is essential to earn the respect of other players, it is essential that you know that to change your appearance in the game you must have clothes and clothing that you can earn during your adventure in the game. PubG Mobile. As you can also buy clothes in stores that are in the game.

In this article we are going to explain how to buy clothes in PubG Mobile, what coins you should use for this, and how to change your appearance so that you can put the clothes you bought on your avatar. 

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How to Acquire Clothes in PubG Mobile

How to Acquire Clothes in PubG Mobile

The clothes of PubG Mobile It can be purchased by getting Battle Coins and UC coins, with these two kinds of coins and gathering a good amount of them we will be able to buy the clothes we want in the store. The battle coins are achieved through each of the games we play a day, apart from completing the missions and progressing our performance, while the UC coins are a Premium currency, and you must invest real money in them to get them. With these two coins we will be able to go to the game store that appears in the main lobby after logging into our account. 

To change our appearance in the game you will first find yourself in the waiting room, there you will be able to press the inventory menu and a submenu will appear on the right side of the panel with each of the clothes located according to the extremities that you will want change. It generally has accessories for the head, a shirt for the upper part, pants or shorts for the lower part, apart from the shoes, hairstyle and style of your character. In each and every one of these facets of your avatar you will be able to put on different outfits so that you can look better, clothes are essential in the PubG Mobile, because if you have exclusive clothes and suits you will be highly respected by the community.

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