How to Achieve Irenist Achievement in PubG Mobile

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El PubG Mobile It has different rewards according to the activities you carry out in a game. Among them we can achieve logos, medals, and great recognition for the mere fact of incorporating our game mode on the battlefield.

In the Battle Royale and in any shooting game everything is used to survive, so the irenist logo. Although it sounds very funny, it is a logo that is well recognized by the community, in this article we are going to explain how to achieve this magnificent logo that you did not expect to exist in the world. PubG Mobile.

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How to Get the Irenist Achievement in PubG Mobile

How to Get the Irenist Achievement in PubG Mobile

Many players in the shooting game community have a habit of seeking out their opponents to kill them, so that they can be respected on the battlefield, show off their high-level skills, and create respective game content on multiple social networks.

However, there are also players who incorporate a lot of strategy when entering the different game modes in this renowned shooter. When you play the perfect Battle Royale mode, the essential thing is to survive, no matter how you do it, which is why there are many players who worry about taking good cover instead of killing the opponents that surround them all over the map.

With this strategy you can achieve the irenist logo, since you try to win games without needing to attack absolutely anyone, you join other survivors by performing emotes and codes to team up in the Battle Royale, and join forces to be together until now when the safe zone closes. There is a big difference between the irenista players and the camprest players, the irenistas hide to be among the last survivors and get a good amount of experience, while the camprestes are hidden waiting for the opportune moment to kill their opponents.

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