How to Achieve Each and Every House in Toca Life World

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Toca Life Word is one of the most entertaining games out there, being very entertaining and offering great customization possibilities. In addition to this, it has a wide variety of attractions, which it allows you explore by different genres of locations, how to get houses with the most attractive designs.

In this brief guide we explain how to achieve each and every house of Toca life world and what you should do for this.

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How to Achieve Each and Every House in Toca Life World

How to Achieve Each and Every House in Toca Life World

When you start playing a game that is new to you, you will most often want to create a complete build with every single item in it. In the case of Toca Life World you find yourself with an enormous plurality of locations or houses that allow you to change your planet as many times as you want.

When you start the game, you automatically receive a free pack, which is the Urbe Jaleo pack, which gives you a total of thirty-nine characters and eight locations. In addition to this, with it you achieve other elements, such as a creator of adapted characters and your house.

In this way, this starting package will help you to get hold of your first house of the game without inconvenience. However, there are other steps that you must follow if you also want to acquire the rest of the homes.

Unlock the other houses in Toca Life World

It is essential to note that the only way to get certain items such as food, pets, houses or characters in Toca Life World is by accessing the game worlds. Generally, you owe buy separately or in the form of packs, such as through game updates.

Also, it may happen that you receive them as a gift, apart from being certain connection rewards. So if you want to find the houses, look for them in the different worlds to buy them, or always and in all circumstances pay attention to the gifts you receive, perhaps one is included there.

The best option always and in all circumstances is going to be to acquire the worlds, since that way you will ensure that you will have houses, or be aware of the different packages of placesThey have good deals. We can highlight that if you already have an object that is in the package, it will be discounted, so you will not spend money a couple of times for the same thing. 

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