How the PubG Mobile Championships are Going

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The championships are a way to show our competitive level in PubG Mobile. Tencent Games holds official championships between the most reputable clans in each area, as well as many community groups launching championships playing money and fame on each and every one of the streaming platforms managed by the players of PubG Mobile, such as Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Many users in the community wonder how they can enter a championship of PUBG Mobile and the operation of each of them. In the article we are going to explain in detail the information of the championships. 

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How the PubG Mobile Championships are Going

How the PubG Mobile Championships are Going

Each organizer of a PubG Mobile championship has a unique way of being able to set the rules and time of their championship. There are some championships that require as a requirement to be at least diamond rank if they are individual championships, if they are collective championships belong to a clan that is in the top one hundred clans in the area, so we invite you to always and in all circumstances sustain yourself in a high-level clan in your area so that you can qualify for the best championships in PubG Mobile

The championships can be developed depending on the number of players that are going to participate, if it is a large championship, the organizers can set a schedule of multiple weeks, where each and every one of the players will go through a group phase and then in rounds. playoffs. If it is a clan championship, the operation is easier, the four clans that accumulate the most points in the first five Battle Royale games qualify for the semifinals, facing each other in direct duels in 5vs5 games to determine which clan is going to be the winner. 

There are also easier community-created tournaments that run on a two- to three-day schedule, using just one game mode.

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