How Ranks Work in PubG Mobile

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The entire community that loves shooting games knows that PubG Mobile It is one of the most famous and prestigious games in this category, which is why it has a very competitive community worldwide. For each and every one of the zones there is a qualifying mode, where you will be able to position yourself to become one of the best players in the zone. In this article we are going to explain how the ranges work in PUBG Mobile, what you must do in the game to raise or lower points, and how to position yourself in the highest ranks of the game with different survival strategies. 

There are two main maps to be able to play ranked games in PubG Mobile, the Miramak and the main map, Erangel, which is the oldest map in the entire PubG saga. The best procedure to be able to rise significantly in rank in PubG Mobile is to achieve the highest possible points in each and every game, that will have a lot to do with your performance in the game, how many opponents you can remove in a Battle Royale game, how much time you you hold alive and in what position of the top hundred do you finish the game. To rack up points in the perfect Battle Royale mode, PubG Mobile holds easy notions of other competing games like Free Fire.

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How Ranks Work in PubG Mobile

How Ranks Work in PubG Mobile

In PubG Mobile there are multiple ranks that go with a different amount of points to be able to ascend, in the lower ranks you will find bots, people with little knowledge of the game, and without much ability to supervise weapons and select the best positioning strategies . At the same time that in high ranks you will find very talented players, who play daily and who really know the basic aspects of a weapon, such as the recoil and mobility of each one, as well as keep practicing in order to progress their level. 

Ranks work as follows in PubG Mobile:

Bronze: one thousand-one thousand six hundred Points

Silver: one thousand seven hundred- two thousand one hundred Points

Gold: two thousand two hundred- two thousand six hundred Points

Platinum: two thousand seven hundred-three thousand one hundred Points

Diamond: three thousand two hundred- three thousand seven hundred Points

Crown: three thousand eight hundred-four thousand one hundred Points

AS: Rank where the best players are sustained by acquiring exclusive gifts.

Conqueror: The best five hundred of each zone in the entire era. 

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