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Haven't you decided to install Toca Life: World because you don't know how much it weighs? Do not stop living this adventure for something as easy as that. Each and every one of the experiences that you will live in the game are invaluable compared to any space that the application occupies when you download it.

In each and every way, here we are going to explain how much does it weigh Toca life world so that you start with the adventure.

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How Much Weigh Toca Life World

How much does Toca Life: World weigh?

Al know the minimum requirements to install Toca Life: World you will see how much it weighs by understanding the storage aspect. These are the points to keep in mind:

  • Memory: four GB of RAM.
  • Storage: Five GB minimum free hard disk space.
  • Processor: AMD or Intel.
  • Operating System: Windows XNUMX or higher version.

As we can see, it is not a demanding game and the best thing is that it has been qualified with a unique “PEGI 3” label, what is considered as capable entertainment for each and every one of the audiences, both older and younger.

How is the gameplay of Toca Life: World?

Seeing its weight, you might be wondering how is the gameplay and if it really is admissible and enjoyable. There are multiple factors that give you more details about this aspect, such as the weekly gifts, the starter pack, the environment to explore, and even the in-game store. Let's slowly look at each section:

  • Weekly gifts: every week you get a new surprise, so if you are patient you will not need money to add new items.
  • Starter Pack: Includes thirty-nine characters, eight locations and the opportunity to create three new participants without paying money.
  • Environment to explore: different map locations, free items and characters.
  • Game store: it is one of the most valued options, since it allows you to expand the number of locations and characters through the official business where you can 125 pets, three hundred people and fifty stages.

Game modes

For now, Toca Life: World does not have game modes for multiplayer, since it's only solo games. The characters you include on your planet and links to your stories are the only elements you can interact with.

Graphics and sound

Toca Life World has easy graphics, which is why it is identified by an extremely childish aspect. In regards to the soundtrack is quite catchy and liven up your games.

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