How much is the Pass Royale in Argentina

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The Royale pass is a kind of certificate that you can get on different occasions to receive more and better rewards throughout the season. This understands the aspects of more gems, skins and other factors. In this article, we are going to tell you everything how much does the pass royale cost in Argentina.

Keep in mind that international economies tend to change between countries. Among all this process is Argentina, which tends to change a lot. The cost of the international dollar is used as a reference, which increases over time and the depreciation of the Argentine currency. If you want to know more about the pass of Clash Royale Read on!

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How much is the Pass Royale in Argentina

How much is the pass royale in Argentina

To start, you must know that the cost of the dollar, which is the universal currency par excellence, changes, it becomes more expensive with each passing month, that is why the doubt arises as to how much the Pass Royale in Argentina, more naturally in Argentine pesos, since in Euros or US dollars the value will always and in all circumstances be standard.

The Pass Royale at a general level costs five USD, but what makes it difficult to calculate how much this premium pass is worth in Argentina is the enormous amount of taxes that you will have to pay for consuming a service or game in US dollars. As of December 199, foreign currency is sold at a cost of 995 pesos, which if Argentina had a normal economy we should tell you that the Pass Royale costs XNUMX Argentine pesos, but it is not.

At the cost that we previously mentioned, multiple taxes must be applied

  1. VAT (two percent)
  2. Country tax (eight percent)
  3. Tax by Resolution 4.815/2020 (three percent)

It should be noted that these are each and every one of the taxes that Argentina is going to charge you, you will add sixty-four percent that you must add to the initial cost that we affirm to you costing the Pass Royale in Argentina 1631, eight Argentine pesos.

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