How Much Internet Do I Need to Play PubG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile It is a fairly interactive shooter for which you will need a good connection speed if you want there to be no inconvenience. In this article we are going to talk about how much internet you need to play PUBG Mobile and the things you need to do to improve your connection.

When you play PUBG Mobile, it is possible that sometimes some ping surges happen to you that do not let you play. If this is so, it means that your internet is not able to run the game. As you may know, this is a live game, in which all the information is transmitted between each and every one of the devices and the server. In this way, each and every one of the moves that an opponent makes have to be updated on your phone when they are sent.

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How Much Internet Do I Need to Play PubG Mobile?

How much internet do I need to play PubG Mobile?

The same thing happens the other way around. By the time you move, you have changed the information on the server. You must send this information in order for it to be updated and sent to other players. This process is interrupted when your internet does not meet the precise specifications. To play PUBG Mobile, we invite you to have at least a five megabyte internet. This will make it easier for you to match and will ensure that the ping does not go above XNUMX ms, which is an ideal value when it comes to online games. 

If what you want is to achieve the lowest possible ping, which is generally 10ms, then we invite you to use internet of forty or thirty megs. This will ensure that all information is received and sent to your phone as quickly as possible. Having a fast internet will allow you to last longer in the game, since you will be able to more efficiently catch people with a connection speed lower than yours, so it is not only a way to play smoothly, but rather also a competitive advantage. 

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