How much does the PubG Mobile Royal Pass cost?

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PUBG Mobile It is considered by many people as the best mobile shooter. In a certain sense they are right, due to the enormous difficulty of the game and the experience it promises. Therefore, we can say that it is worth investing a little in it, since, after all, it is like acquiring something to improve the quality of your entertainment.

If you want to know how much the battle pass of PUBG Mobile in Mexico, then read this article to find out everything you need to know to acquire it. 

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How much does the PubG Mobile Royal Pass cost?

How much does the PubG Mobile Royal Pass cost?

First of all, let's examine the cost in CUs. As a general rule, it costs two thousand four hundred, but today, in the month of February of two thousand and twenty-two, it is on sale for only nine hundred and sixty. The cost that we are going to take into account is two thousand four hundred, so that you make sure you have extra money when it is on sale again. Each UC is worth approximately zero and sixteen US dollars. This multiplied by two thousand four hundred gives a total of forty US dollars. To this we have not added the tax, which is something that you must also estimate at the time of purchase. 

The tax is an auxiliary percentage that the country charges you to continue maintaining itself. In the case of Mexico, this value is equal to one percent of the transaction you make. One percent of forty is equal to six times four. Thus, the total to be paid for a PUBG Mobile battle pass would be equal to forty-six and four US dollars.

Converting this value to Mexican pesos gives a total of eight hundred and fifty-six MXN. This is the minimum value that you must pay for a Pass Royale in PUBG Mobile. However, the game will never sell you this precise amount, but will simply let you purchase certain bundles. 

From the store, you can see them all. If you look closely, there is no one for two thousand four hundred or even close to it, so you will have to buy the three hundred, which has a value of fifty-one and two American dollars. This, converted to Mexican pesos with the auxiliary tax included, gives a total of one thousand two hundred and one pesos.

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