How much does Clash Royale weigh?

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Clash Royale It is an application that according to the game store claims that it weighs between one and two hundred mb, this could be not entirely true. Apart from the bulk of the game, it downloads automatic updates and a bit of cache. So that you know more precisely how much does it weigh Clash Royale You must continue reading this article! Let's go there!

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How much does Clash Royale weigh?

how much does clash royale weigh

It is a very light game compared to others, but if you do not have some minimal peculiarities on your mobile, it is very possible that it does not run properly. For example, a mobile with 512MB RAM, a 1 gigahertz processor and about 200mb of free memory can run the game. These are the minimum requirements, so fluidity cannot be expected from such a device.

In this Web we suggest a mobile with a 2GHz CPU and XNUMXGB of RAM. Auxiliary to it, that it has at least 2gb free. The game can be somewhat fake regarding the space it occupies. From small bundles of data and cache, the total weight of the application can amount to one with eight Gb. This means that with the two that we have asked you, you would be right on the mark.

How much space does clash royale take up

On the other hand, a large part of game failures are directly intertwined with storage space, processors and RAM. have one powerful RAM, enough phone disk storage and a fairly high-frequency processor, it will allow you to run a game with high fluidity and have a better gaming experience. Examples of phones capable of running the game are the ZTE BLADE A452, Huawei Y635 and any Samsung Galaxy that has come out after the S4.

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