How much does Apex Legends Mobile weigh?

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If you have the goal of downloading Apex Legends Mobile, stay to read this article where we will clarify each and every one of the doubts about the game. Here we are going to talk about how much Apex Legends Mobile weighs, what requirements you need to meet to be able to install it and the best way in which you can enjoy this magnificent game. 

We currently live in the era of digitization, but at this stage of development, what sells the most are mobile games. In truth, most of the Internet traffic is made from a mobile. It's no surprise then that developer companies want to shift their market to a dedicated mobile phone environment.

It's how it's born Apex Legends Mobile, who competes with all the other Battle Royale that have applied exactly the same strategy. All with the purpose that even more people play and have fun.

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How much does Apex Legends Mobile weigh?

How much does Apex Legends Mobile weigh?

The game is still in the testing phase, and has only been released in certain countries. For this reason we do not know the final magnitude of the discharge. Nor can we know if it will have auxiliary downloadable material, such as packs of skins or maps, or if these will already be installed, so saying the final weight of the application is something impossible. 

However, if you're in one of the countries where the game was released and feel like trying it out, it weighs in at around 1,34GB on the Google Play Store. In other words, to play it you will need at least four free. As for RAM, you'll need at least four. In addition to this, you are going to require a processor that is of exactly the same quality as a Snapdragon XNUMX or higher. Regarding iOs, there is not much to add. You should have a more advanced mobile than the iPhone XNUMX, so if yours is a bit newer, it will run for sure. 

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