How Much Does a PubG Mobile Streamer Earn?

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The streamers of PUBG Mobile, although little known but rather in the huge community that this game is, are people dedicated entirely to Battle Royale and to promoting in a certain way the entertainment that a person can have if they download it. Read this article where we are going to talk about how much a streamer earns from PUBG Mobile

Although this is a controversial issue, the answer changes depending on the case we examine. On top of this, not enough people feel comfortable sharing the amounts of money they earn from playing a game live in front of thousands and thousands of people. 

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How Much Does a PubG Mobile Streamer Earn?

How much does a PubG Mobile pro streamer earn?

The streamers de PUBG Mobile They are rather reserved and self-centered people. In the same way that many people prefer to share with the public everything related to their performance as players, but even there, without taking it personally in any way.

Therefore, the statistics that we will show now are not based on things that these people have said. We will only approximate what they can earn for their streams on Fb Gaming and some other contract with the company that allows them to sustain themselves safely by playing. 

If you're going to take this as a reference, remember that this is about races from years of playing, and not just PUBG Mobile. Many of the well-known people in the mobile environment have gotten there thanks to Clash Royale or any other game that has been known for a moment. 

A PUBG Mobile streamer can earn between one hundred and two hundred US dollars per contract. This, depending on the audience they have and the reception of exactly the same, can represent a little more if you add the stars that they donate. So thanks to Fb Gaming, they can earn between US$000 and US$XNUMX per month, if they are a streamer with more than XNUMX followers. 

Therefore, opting for a career as a streamer of PUBG Mobile It's not recommended right now, considering that trends on phones are considerably more variable than on consoles. 

On phone, a game can be at the top for a few months and have certain boosts in the future, while on PC or console, these periods are somewhat longer. 

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