How Much Data Rise of Kingdoms Consumes

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Although we are talking about a quite entertaining game, it may remind you to know how much data it consumes Rise of Kingdoms. We all lose the Internet and when we feel like playing, there is nothing to stop us. For this reason, today we are going to show you the amount of consumption and how to optimize it, for the best management game of XNUMX.

Rise of Kingdoms is an Age of Empires style war simulator in which you can create your kingdom, fight to conquer zones and in the end, collect resources and prosper your troops and buildings. 

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How Much Data Rise of Kingdoms Consumes

How Much Data Rise of Kingdoms Consumes

It is true that Rise of Kingdoms it does not consume as much as COD Mobile, Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. This is a game in which little of the interaction happens live, so there is not much information to send, apart from each and every one of the actions that you perform. 

You see, the data consumption of a game is achieved from each and every thing you can do, which results in a subtraction in your data computation. In the case of Rise of Kingdoms, the game only sends data to a server related to everything you improve or generate. In addition to this, the data you need to download is farming data, notifications, attacks, and in certain cases, live battles. 

Rise of Kingdoms It consumes approximately 30mb over an hour. How do you read it? It is a fairly light game and does not have a notable consumption at the end of the month. This is precisely why, if you sometimes play without any kind of measure, or use the application while in squares, and even on the bus, it will not have a very great influence on the amount of data you consume. 

And it is that, in truth, if you played two hours a day, each and every day for a month, your consumption would be equal to 1.8gb. And that we are exaggerating with the playing time. 

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