How Much Data Does a Game of PubG Mobile Consume?

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Know how much data a game consumes PUBG Mobile It can be useful for those days when the mobile connection beats the speed of WiFi. If you want to know this, keep reading this article where we will also show you how many games you can play with basic mobile data plans.

The first thing you have to know is what this data is spent on. Although PUBG Mobile It is a live game, in which the loading and unloading of information is something that is done continuously, you have to know that it is not spent as much as one would think. 

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How Much Data Does a Game of PubG Mobile Consume?

How Much Data Does a Game of PubG Mobile Consume?

You may be thinking that, being ninety-nine players, it is necessary to update each and every one of the movements of each one of them. The truth is, no. The game has a render limit approaching one thousand meters. Each and every one of the players outside this area with respect to you will not be taken into account for the sending of data. In this way, only a fairly small amount of information is constantly updated. In addition to this, each player is not downloaded pixel by pixel. The only thing the game does is determine two values, which are the height and the location where they are.

Thus, thanks to engineering and telecommunications, the consumption of a game of PUBG Mobile is equal to one MB more or less, bearing in mind that each game lasts around half an hour. If you spend one Mb for each game, then you can play thirty-nine hours for every GB that your plan has. All you have to do is multiply this value by the data limit that your mobile operator allows you to consume. 

Finally, thirty-nine hours is around seventy-eight games. This is equal to more than fifty percent of people play each month, since few people really play every single day.

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