How Many People Play Clash of Clans

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Clash of clans It has already been with us for many years, it was practically born in the midst of the mobile games boom, with which its progression and success were disproportionate, at practically inestimable levels for exactly the same devs. 

But, to this day it continues to be? It is a very good question since currently the catalog of mobile games is so extensive that it has games for all kinds of people, with simple, complex and unique themes, so a game like Clash of Clans continues to be a success must be very complicated. But let's see if this is true or false. 

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How Many People Play Clash of Clans

How Many People Play Clash of Clans

By the year XNUMX at the height of the mobile gaming boom, clash of clans had dividends of over five hundred and sixty-eight million US dollars! It's brutal, and what's even more insane is that he wasn't in the top three at the time.

So we can dimension that mobile games are a game more than profitable for the developer companies, it is primarily for this reason that today they continue to update the most popular games and in addition to this, they continue to develop more and more games. 

Considering the above numbers, we can say that clash of clans recorded a total of 600.000.000 million players worldwide at its best. Obviously, these numbers are not exactly of active players, but rather, of accounts created in the game. 

Today, it is estimated that more than one hundred million people play games made by the Supercell company, as is the case with Clash of Clans. What this wants to say is that it continues to be an exaggeratedly profitable market for the companies and for the winners of these profits. 

Future market Clash of Clans

The future is very doubtful, with the entry into the market of play to earn games, the future of traditional games (without payment for playing) is somewhat doubtful. There are specialists who think that p2e is just a fad and that when companies like Supercell end, they could return to their peak. With this we are not saying that he is in a bad way right now, only that compared to his best years, he has had a substantial drop in income and active players. 

Regardless of what happens, as gamers and gaming enthusiasts, we eagerly await what surprises they will bring us, and what new updates they will show us in the near future. 

We hope this article has helped you and you can find out about how many people play clash of clans in our days. We recommend that you read our articles related to the planet of clash of clans, like many other games on our official website. 

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