How many Megas does Apex Legends consume?

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Does your internet sometimes fail? Have you recently been forced to use your mobile data to play your favorite game? If you fear the cost of rent at the end of the month, then we are going to show you how many megabytes it consumes Apex Legends

For people using fiber optics or high-quality connections, this is going to seem completely inconsequential. However, if you are one of the ordinary people, who from time to time have failures with their service, this could make the difference between preserving your SIMcard, or disabling it for the rest of the month by spending everything playing.

It is true that there is no precise amount, and everything we can tell you right now is the product of tests carried out under exactly the same conditions. This means that each and every game has been played from start to finish using mobile data.

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How many Megas does Apex Legends consume?

How many Megas does Apex Legends consume?

Online games have recently tried to renew their processes, optimize functions and even improve their programming codes. If you thought it was only the graphics that got better over time, keep in mind that more and more games are being created with optimization mechanics that lead to low-spec players. 

We can also take this to the use of the connection. Today, games not only consume less data than before, but also run faster. Communication between servers and devices has improved thanks to SSD storage and fiber optic connections. 

If you want a precise amount, Apex Legends spends between one hundred and one hundred and twenty MB over the course of an hour. The average player spends two hours of his day on the game, so we can say that on average the game spends between two hundred and two hundred and forty Mb. 

This, taken to a month, if you play every day, would give a total of seven with two GB. In all honesty, it's not that much, bearing in mind that not enough people play every single day. 

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