How many maps does Apex Legends have?

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Apex Legends is a game with a fairly diverse ecosystem in which you can entertain yourself. If you are looking for a game with enough maps to never get bored, then this is the one to try. In this article we are going to tell you how many maps it has Apex Legends, the things you can do in them and the different game modes that exist. In this way, you will be able to know what exactly you can prepare for and in what way, in the Battle Royale of XNUMX.

There are currently two game modes. The Battle Royale of always, in which you depend on your psyche and skill to win. Equip yourself well by searching the houses, as you will need good weapons if you want to win. 

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How many maps does Apex Legends have?

How many maps does Apex Legends have?

There's also the perfect arena mode, which is like multiplayer in games like CoD. We all know how unusual fighting is in the Battle Royale, to the point where there is no good time to practice. Therefore, if you want to improve your technique without exposing yourself to losing, we invite you to play this mode. 

In the arenas there are six free maps. You can play on Habitat, Encore, Overflow, Surprise Wizard, Phase Hopper, and certain maps in rotation. 

  • The first four maps are close quarters with medium range fire opportunities. Prepare your attack rifles, due to the fact that in these cases you will need them quite a bit. 
  • The last two are the phase jumper and the rotating maps. They are species of singular activities that have been included. In addition to this, the rotating maps are updated fortnightly, so you will have new content whenever you want it. 
  • The Battle Royale maps are four. You will be able to play in Ca帽on de los Reyes, with open areas and little coverage. Ideal for the game with snipers. Choose End of the Planet if you like close combat and positioning strategies.
  • Olympus is the only thing you will see similar to a prosperous city. Pack settlements with lead in fast-paced battles with great chances of cover. Finally, play Stormpoint if you like islands, cover, and snipers. 
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