How many Legendary Statues Rise of Kingdoms

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Rise of Kingdoms It is a quite entertaining game in which you pretend to be the rector of an entire nation, and you direct both the military and civil factions, and even the economy. This does not happen in real life, unless you are a dictator, but since it is a game, it is something that entertains and is worth spending time on. Today we are going to show you how many legendary statues you need to prosper a commander. 

The mechanics of the commanders are quite well thought out in Rise of Kingdoms. He is a conqueror and war veteran who helps lead your troops. In addition to this, he endows them with unique effects that can range from increasing their attack capacity to the speed with which they collect materials. 

How many Legendary Statues Rise of Kingdoms

How many Legendary Statues Rise of Kingdoms

That said, these commanders can be upgraded via the legendary statues in Rise of Kingdoms. It's just a matter of knowing how many you need to collect and how you should use it. Thriving a Commander will allow you to further your war skills, and will give you an advantage on the battlefield, maximizing their secondary effects and strengthening their abilities. 

To thrive as a commander, the truth is that it doesn't matter what type you are. They all require a different number of statues to upgrade. However, depending on the level you have it, you will be able to see how many he asks you for. It is enough to go to the selection of commanders, choose one and press progress. From time to time, they may ask you for more or less, but the premise is exactly the same, and it depends on the level you are at. 

In total, you're going to need XNUMX to max out a legendary commander, XNUMX if it's epic, XNUMX if it's elite, and XNUMX if it's advanced. At the beginning, each of them will request a specific amount, but over time, you will see how this value increases. 

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