How many hours have I played Clash Royale

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Clash Royale has exceeded one hundred million downloads on mobile, which is why it has positioned itself as one of the most downloaded games of the moment. It is a game with the ability to make anyone stay glued to the screen for hours. Therefore, many people are not clear about how much time they dedicate to it. Therefore, today you are going to learn how to know How many hours have I played? Clash Royale.

Please note that there are many ways to determine the playing time within Clash Royale. The first option is about Royale API. This is a site that accesses your account data and based on the hours of connection, disconnection and inactivity determines the time you have spent in the application. Do you want to know more? Don't worry and continue reading!

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How many hours have I played Clash Royale

How many hours have I played Clash Royale?

Calculating the hours played in Clash Royale

Next, you will know the 4 methods that we know to discover precisely the How long have you been playing Clash Royale?, since the day you started playing it for the first time:

  1. Royal API: This page will give you the precise time that you have played the game, so you will only have to know your tag to be able to also, apart from having access to the time spent in the game, know all kinds of statistics.
  2. Stats Royale: It is another page that, apart from providing you with all kinds of statistics, will tell you the precise time from the moment your account was created.
  3. Using Google Play: As strange as it may seem, we invite you to check when was the day you got your first achievement in Google Play Games, and from there you will at least have an estimate of the days you have been playing.
  4. Through in-game settings: To know the precise day from which you installed the game, you can see when you installed the app, so you will be able to know this information.
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