How many GB weighs Apex Legends Complete

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In today's article we are going to talk about a Battle Royale with a proposal that, on a planet where, if something succeeds, everyone begins to develop it, it is shown as something different. If you want to download it and you don't know how much storage you need, we are going to show you how many GB Apex Legends weighs. It is a cross-platform game with cross-play in which, regardless of whether you are a new player, you can easily learn by dedicating little time to it each day. Apex Legends arrived at the most unexpected moment to change the mechanics of Battle Royale-type shooters somewhat. 

First of all, it's a first-person game, in contrast to the Battle Royales of the season it came out, which were entirely third-person. The saturation of the gaming environment, with games of this style, forced developers to distinguish their product from the rest. 

This is why today we have a Battle Royale like Apex Legends, in which unlike the rest, your ability to position yourself over the opponent does not define who wins or loses. Here you depend on your ability to use the skills of the character you choose. 

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How many GB weighs Apex Legends Complete

How many GB weighs Apex Legends Complete

It currently has a weight of 26Gb on PCs, regardless of the platform from which you download it. So you're going to need about fifty free, in case an update comes out. The good thing about this game is that you don't have to download auxiliary bundles once you install it. You won't have to worry about details like maps or auxiliary skins. What you download is everything you will have, without any genre of games. 

This means that with the download each and every one of the skins, weapons and adapted suits already come. Of course, you will have to update it occasionally, so we invite you to at least 70GB of free storage on your PC. 

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