How Many Downloads Does PubG Mobile Have

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of a game that in its time offered an absolutely innovative and fresh game mode, known today as Battle Royale. Based on action movies that start from the exact same premise, author Brandon Greene invented PUBG Mobile, where a hundred people procure materials on an island, and the last one standing gets the glory.

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How Many Downloads Does PubG Mobile Have

How Many Downloads Does PubG Mobile Have

To tell the truth, the original game is free for PCs, and since January 1 it is completely free of charge. Due to its success on this platform, which can be quite demanding, the developers have decided to opt for a more mobile version. Stay to read how many downloads PUBG Mobile has. Depending on where you look at it, you can get different data. In the Google Play Store alone it has more than half a billion downloads, with a rating of four.XNUMX stars and a total of more than forty-one million ratings. 

However, downloads from the Apple App Store double the value of Android. The truth is that a large part of the PUBG Mobile audience plays on the phones that the company offers. Here it is at #12 in strategy games, but it has become number 1 in gaming normally. The truth is that apart from being a good game, PUBG Mobile competes with the greats in the world of mobile games.

With the above data, it can be expected that by February XNUMX, PUBG Mobile has a total of more than fifteen thousand and billion downloads, thus surpassing games like fortnite and free fire. Without a doubt, we are in the presence of one of the colossi of the planet of shooters.

Now that you know how many downloads PUBG Mobile has, you can compare it with other games that measure up to determine which is the best shooter of all.

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