How many downloads does Apex Legends have?

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Apex Legends is a PC Battle Royale that offers gameplay never seen before. While the rest of the games of this style sought a realistic, crude or simply entertaining way of being shown, Apex opted for a futuristic design with an air of a coliseum. If you want to know how many downloads you have Apex Legends, in the article we are going to show it to you, as the set of things you should know to play, apart from its history.

It all started with a simple idea. The advancement of Battle Royale games has been something remarkable since the release of PUBG. So with fortnite, the world of mobile game development realized that this is a modality that people like.

That's when EA comes into action, with the creation of its Battle Royale, which seeks not to be one of the crowd, but rather also to combine this style of play with the mechanics of legends or winners. 

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How many downloads does Apex Legends have?

How many downloads does Apex Legends have?

This is a style that has been used by Riot, in LoL and Valorant, in which for different characters there is a representative ability. So, just like in Valorant, there is a default set of weapons that you can choose and match with your character's abilities. To date, the game has more than two million downloads on PC, and it is one of the few that has reached a million with only two hours of life. This is thanks to the marketing and media team that has been behind the implementation of the game in popular culture. 

Finally, it is expected that at some point the game will reach fifty million downloads. This is when you will be able to say that there is Apex Legends for quite a while, and they have not stopped growing since the official launch of Respawn's Battle Royale.

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