How many characters does Apex Legends have?

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Apex Legends is a Battle Royale that apart from taking basic mechanics from other games, such as the mere fact of being a Battle Royale with the ability to find weapons on the ground, includes a set of characters that you can select. The character mechanics, in truth, are really well structured. Each of them fulfills a specific function with unique abilities. If you want to know how many characters Apex Legends has, we are going to tell you a little about each of them. 

In total there are two unlockable characters. It can be noted that the game is constantly updated, so they probably create more. Each of these legends can do completely unique things, from increasing their speed to pretending to fly. 

Next, we are going to talk more about the main legends, such as their abilities and the things they are capable of doing. By the way, we can also tell you who for us is the best character in Apex Legends .

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How many characters does Apex Legends have?

How many characters does Apex Legends have?

Bangalore is a soldier with a huge story behind her. She is quite a tactical character, if you like strategies. Her tactical ability launches a smoke grenade, her passive increases your speed when under fire, and her ultimate launches an aerial attack on the battlefield. 

Then there's Bloodhound, who so far we can't tell if he's a human. One thing that stands out is that on the official Apex site, he is described using inclusive language. His abilities are revealing upcoming traps and opponents, visualizing hints of opponents, and increasing speed and enhancing senses. 

Then we have Pathfinder, who can be considered the best offensive character in the entire game. His abilities let him throw a grappling hook to move faster, spot zone locations, and deploy a zip line for the team. 

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