How many AS Levels are there in PubG Mobile

The classification system of PUBG Mobile It is divided into ranges. These ranks also have other sub-ranks that are used to label each player. In this article we are going to show you how many Ace levels there are in PUBG Mobile, as a brief explanation of the ranges you can choose from. Ace rank is achieved after battling enough players to say you know the maps inside out. It is necessary to get this far to be considered one of the best players in PUBG Mobile.

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How many AS Levels are there in PubG Mobile

How many AS Levels are there in PubG Mobile

First you will go through Bronze, then silver and gold until you reach platinum. From there you will ascend to diamond and crown to end up being an ace rank. Only the five hundred highest scorers in the entire game achieve the rank of ace, which can be considered another level in aces. Now, if you want to go up to ace, it's not going to be enough to exceed platinum and crown. First you must know the levels you must continue. 

First you are going to get to Ace one where you are going to be able to fight against players who are going down in rank due to their losses, like others who have just reached your side. Starting always and at all times is the most difficult thing. So you're going to go to AS two, where you'll find yourself in exactly the same situation. It is not until Ace three that everything normalizes, and you find players who only struggle to get up to Ace four. 

All good until going up to five and reaching six, which is where the longest battles in the entire game are fought. Here you will be able to fight players who are in the rank of conqueror, as well as others who have just risen to your side.

Without a doubt, the most difficult range of all is the Ace six. In truth, it is the level that is most used. The lowest of the first five hundred conquerors go down, then go back up, and so on. 

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