How many ages are there in Rise of Kingdoms?

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Rise of Kingdoms, arguably a pretty realistic war simulator. Quite a few people equate it with Clash of Clans. However, nothing to see, since the game in question explores considerably more aspects of war than its SuperCell contender. In this guide, we are going to tell you how many ages there are in Rise of Kingdoms, as the improvements that each of them brings.

As we have already told you before, it is a fairly structured simulation game, in which you are able to build your kingdom, under your concepts and responsibilities, and with your interests as a nation. You can still select which realm you belong to. Choose from a fairly extensive selection of kingdoms to place yourself in, which will define the future of armed conflict and the economy of your area. 

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How many ages are there in Rise of Kingdoms?

How many ages are there in Rise of Kingdoms?

Here you are able to progress your central building, known as the Town Hall. In Rise of Kingdoms There are a total of five ages, and you'll find yourself in each and every one of them as you progress through the game. That said, it's kind of like Age of Empires. Comparing the game with Clash of Clans, today, is a kind of sin. The real game with which we should compare it is Age of Empires, due to the mechanics of the ages, which leave improvements applicable to the entire nation. 

In the stone age of Rise of Kingdoms you will find yourself completely lost, with the most antiquated harvesting methods of all. Then, you will ascend to the bronze age. Here humans have already begun to use tools and design advanced harvesting and warfare systems. At this time, we were already a civilization. And so consecutively you will increase your level, apart from your technology. We invite you to age slowly, since with the increase in technologies come the seasons of confrontation, and if you are not well prepared, you will lose all your resources. 

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