How many Active Players does Clash of Clans have

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If you are looking for how many active players does Clash Of Clans, it is because you are probably not yet decided to give it a chance to download the game and try it. Many would think that since the game has been on the market for a long time, its popularity will have dropped, but you will be surprised to know how many people are connected to the app even in XNUMX.

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How many Active Players does Clash of Clans have

How many Active Players does Clash of Clans have

Today, 58.106.200 have downloaded the game, at least once in their lives via Android devices and on the App Store, the official store for iOS devices, the game one of the best Strategy games is still in the top, occupying the site #6.

If you want to be even more specific, it is thought that on average there are more than one hundred twenty-six million active players per month and about one million active players in one day. Pretty amazing, right?

Although every year, the number of active players of Clash of Clans drops significantly, saying that there are one million people who stay connected daily remains a huge success for the company. His biggest challenge is to find the formula for attract new players and that those who are already in the app, for the moment, their procedure has been to be creative with the updates, leaving new characters. skills, troops and magic items to make them happy and this has been full of great hits and misses that drastically change the attitude of users towards the game.

This is also essential for Supercell, the company that developed the game. Well, thanks to the active players and their purchases in the app, they have given them great income to continue creating more games and updates. Only in two thousand and eighteen, Supercell received five hundred and sixty-seven million US dollars in revenue from Clash of Clans and five hundred and ninety-seven million for their Clash Royale game, when they had been on the market for quite some time. So it is convenient for them to continue renewing in the game.

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